John Singleton Copley (1738-1815)

It sat on a bed face down for years on the second floor of a Concord home.  She knew it was a Copley but life has a way of putting things off.  Her trust attorney called me and said "we have a situation and I'm wondering if you can help."  It turns out her brother in his 90s had recently passed and his estate was laying claim to the painting that had been in her home forever.  She was quite upset by the events and wanted to settle with the estate and find a new home for the painting.

Being a strong woman who knew what she wanted I proposed that we engage with museums and universities that were either founded by a woman or who's mission statement strongly supported women.  We came up with a list but there was one caveat.  The institution would have to agree to never deaccession the work.  Most people think when they donate a work the museum will keep it forever.  This is not the case.  Most institutions can sell a work as soon as it is donated if they want to.  After interviewing many institutions were were able to find a home for the painting and the client was extremely pleased to know where it will be after she dies.


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